Hi my name is Wes!

I sit at the intersection of
Business, Code and Design!

I help passionate and slightly crazy entreprenuers looking to bring their wildest ideas to life.

If you have an idea that you’ve been sitting on for months, years, now is the time to get started! The best part, I’ll show you how, right here on the Business, Code & Deisgn blog.

This intersection is a magical place where successful startups are created, products are built, and problems are solved.

Some things I do

Apollo Studios

I love helping people build their wildest ideas so much, I built a company around it. At Apollo Studios, we build web and mobile apps for startups and small to medium sized businesses. We offer services that will help you develop your idea, design a prototype, and code a minimum viable product.

If hiring a company to help with product development seems too intimidating, or if you want to explore the possibilities of building a product without diving in head first, then LAUNCH is for you! I wrote LAUNCH to be a complete guide to building your first app. It’s broken down into bite sized pieces that you can do over a few weekends. It’s written for people who are serious about building their idea, but don't know where to start.

Launch Book
Freelance Afternoon Show

College never sat well with me, I felt like it held me back from learning things that I wanted to learn. It trains you to take a corporate job, which doesn't fit everyone. If you’re like me and are exploring ways to start a business or market yourself and a skill, then you should checkout the Freelance Afternoon Show (podcast)! Devan and myself start with the basics of going out on your own, and guide you through each step, giving tips and things to watch out for. I wish I had this before starting my business.

On a lighter note, I host a fun Tech Trivia night on the first Tuesday of each month at Trophy Brewing- Maywood in downtown Raleigh. There is amazing free Trophy beer and a bunch of techies. If you’re in the Raleigh area on the first Tuesday of any month, stop on by and see if you can get any of the 20 questions right!

Triangle Tech Trivia

Some other things I do

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