Hi my name is Wes!


I design, and code full stack web & mobile, travel & outdoor apps, while traveling in my own van visiting & educating people on the National Parks of the world!

Things I do



My wife and I travel full-time in our self-built Ford Transit van, visiting National Parks, and interesting places. Wherever we go, I love stopping and reading the interpretive displays which describe the geology, or plants and animals that live on the land. ExploreHere puts all this information right in your pocket; with 170k interpretive and historical markers, you can learn about the world around you, wherever you are! It's the perfect roadtrip companion.

Apollo Studios

No idea is too big for Apollo Studios. From the first inception of an idea to the development and scaling of your web application. With our highly talented developers and designers you can let Apollo Studios handle your product development, so you can focus on acquiring customers, scaling and achieving product-market fit.

Apollo Studios
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You Me and the Parks

As I mentioned before, I love to travel and learn about the National Parks. YouMeAndTheParks is a site that educates and shares resources on how to explore the National Parks of the world, as well as a place to learn more about the indigenous perspective and stories on each park.


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