Hi my name is Wes!


I validate, design, code and scale innovative business web apps, while traveling full time in my ford transit van, visiting and educating people on the National Parks of the world!

Things I do

Apollo Studios

Apollo Studios

No idea is too big for Apollo Studios. From the first inception of an idea to the development and scaling of your web application. With our highly talented developers and designers you can let Apollo Studios handle your product development, so you can focus on acquiring customers, scaling and achieving product-market fit.

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Apollo Studios
You Me And The Parks Logo

You Me and the Parks

The Earth is an incredibly interesting planet. Filled with plants, animals and places more interesting than science fiction. From the Glaciers of Kenai Fjord to the immaculate cascading lakes of the Plitvice, the National Parks of the world show the preserved and raw natural beauty of the world.

In all of their wonder and glory, there are not a lot of resources that educate and encourage people to visit and respect these natural wonders. From understanding the geological origins of the parks to the history of the indigenous people who called the parks home, You Me and the Parks is an online resource that educates and shares resources on how to explore the National Parks of the world.


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