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ExploreHere: 8 months later

I launched ExploreHere to the iOS app store in March of 2020, right at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. I monetized version one with a pro upgrade via an in app purchase (IAP), which unlocked some key features like continuous tracking, saving your viewing history, liking ...

ExploreHere: My first iOS app

As I travel, I like learning about the world around me – I enjoy going to museum, reading dioramas, etc. When I pass historical markers off the sides of roadways/highways, In most cases, I’m either driving too fast to safely pull off to read it, or, the marker wasn’t interesting enough to ...

BeatWise: My Fitbit Classification Algorithm

Back when I was studying at Texas A&M, one of my senior projects was a classification engine built on heartbeat data pulled from a FitBit. The hypothesis was, I could build an algorithm to ‘guess’ what I was doing at any given time, based solely on my personal heartbeat. If you take a second to ...

The Business Journal: An Introduction

Life is busy. It’s a constant stream of tasks, that can often pile up and become overwhelming. Now there are a plethora of task management systems and methodologies, from GTD (Get Things Done), Pomodoros, MindMapping, Kanban Boards, Google Calendar, traditional ToDo Lists, this list is never ending. Each ...

Use WordPress to Simplify Your Blog Without Losing Control

WordPress. As a web-developer that word use to make me cringe… I studied Computer Science and I always looked down on WordPress developers. I thought they didn’t understand or respect coding and gave ‘real’ web developers a bad name.

Hiring My First Virtual Assistant: The First Week

I spoke about the hiring process in BC&D: My First Hire Part 1: Hiring Process. I hired a Virtual Assistant! I had a bunch of tasks that I queued up to have my VA work on. First I’d have to spend a ...

Hiring My First Virtual Assistant: The Hiring Process

Introduction It has been incredible! My first week with a Virtual Assistant has been amazing. So far, my VA has helped me write summaries, aggregate research for blog posts and started to manage my social media. After reading The Four Hour Work Week, I decided to try and find a VA that could assist ...



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