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As I travel, I like learning about the world around me – I enjoy going to museum, reading dioramas, etc. When I pass historical markers off the sides of roadways/highways, In most cases, I’m either driving too fast to safely pull off to read it, or, the marker wasn’t interesting enough to justify pulling over for. Either way, I’m generally annoyed.

When I thought about it a bit more… How do you learn about the world around you? We can learn about food and businesses around us using Yelp, trails from AllTrails, but there’s no easy way to learn about the world around you.

So, I built ExploreHere, an iOS app that helps you explore the history of the world around you. ExploreHere puts over 130k markers in your pocket, ready to be explored, even offline.

Right now, the app focuses on Historical Markers, but I’m planning to take it a step further and include packs like; indigenous lands, geology, animals lighthouses, mills… railroads?… anything/everything that can help explain the story of the area around you.

An open question I continue to ask myself is how can I build a compelling historical story from these seemingly disjointed pieces of data?

I haven’t thought of a good solution to this, yet, but I think there’s a void in the market for knowing more about the historical world around you.

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Wesley Vance

I design and code full stack, travel and outdoor, apps while traveling in my van visiting and educating people on the National Parks of the world!

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